Meet Isolde the Wyrdwolf

Welcome to the world of wyrdwolf - action packed page-turners. There is nothing quite like these novels - crime thrillers where the sleuth is a werewolf and mythology and folklore is everywhere. Once you've met Isolde and her friends, you'll want more!

Izzy is a werewolf judge who knows everything about killing the spirit vampires who prey on werewolves, but nothing about magic - until she gets hijacked to fight rogue magicians, evil elves and other assorted criminals.

This is a world where nothing is quite what it seems, and evading the law can be as risky as facing the criminals.

The werewolf community is haunted by an old enemy: malign spirits - the mara - who possess those who invite them in. The results are destructive for the packs. But a few families have the power to destroy the mara, though at danger to themselves. These are the wyrdwolves - the protectors of the packs. But they are not recognised by human law. this means that Isolde faces the risk of imprisonment and death every time she hunts the mara.

Working with colleagues who know about magic, Isolde inevitably finds herself having to turn to her own abilities as a wyrdwolf to rescue those in trouble - and stay alive.

Each mystery is embedded in folklore. You may as easily come across the jinn as Merlin, or be enmeshed in discrimination against Weres or the fay, or battling ghosts and gods. The folklore is real - but brought into the 21st century, as water spirits becomes thieves, or beings created by magic engage in old feuds. Open the book and enter into another world!

A free pdf of the first few chapters of each book is available on the book's webpage!

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Book ten (Elemental Games) should be out later this year! (yes, I know I said Samhain, and I will try, but some real life stuff has cropped up)

More fun stuff is available on the background pages, which provide bits and pieces about the world of the novels. Or you can follow the links pages for research into the real-life places, themes and issues covered by the books.


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